A Day Mournful and Overcast // Un Día Pardo y Triste by an Uncontrollable of the Spanish Revolution // por un Incontrolado de la Revolution Española

Delusions of Progress: Expanded Notes on the Police, their Predecessors, and the White Hell of Civil Society by Saralee Stafford and Neal Shirley

Dixie Be Damned, But Damn Everything Too – An Interview with The New Inquiry

The Stockade Stood Burning: Rebellion and the Convict Lease in Tennessee’s Coalfields, 1891-1895

I Will Not Crawl: excerpts from Robert F. Williams on Black struggle and armed self-defense in Monroe, NC

The Lowry Wars: attacking North Carolina’s plantation society in the age of Reconstruction

A Plea for Captain John Brown by Henry David Thoreau

Barn Burning by William Faulkner, with an introduction by Savannah May