“To articulate the past historically does not mean to recognize it ‘the way it really was.’ It means to seize hold of a memory as it flashes up at a moment of danger…. Only that historian will have the gift of fanning the spark of hope in the past who is firmly convinced that even the dead will not be safe from the enemy if he wins. And this enemy has not ceased to be victorious.”

-Walter Benjamin

Burnt Ends Press is a small anarchist publisher of mostly history-focused or archival texts, some of which we’ve authored ourselves, some of which we’ve lovingly tried to revive from the forgotten archives of Past’s decay. We’re primarily interested in the ongoing dilemma of southern history and memory; self-defense and armed struggle; race, critical race theory, and afro-pessimist thought; the development of and resistance to capitalism, the state, and their ongoing processes of primitive accumulation; social reproduction and gender; and anti-prison struggles on both sides of the wall. Formerly and affectionately known as the North Carolina Piece Corps.

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